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 GlobEx Forum Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'News' started by Dingo, 11 February 2016.

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  1. Dingo

    Dingo Operations Manager Staff Member

    As a member of GlobEx Gaming Community, you are expected to follow the rules of the community as outlined in this post. Failure to comply with the rules will result in official Warnings being sent to you and Warning Points added to your profile.

    Members are forbidden to post any of the following:
    • Any Excessive use of profanity or vulgarity.
    • Any form of Pornographic Content.
    • Any Avatars, Signatures or Profile Background which contain any form of nudity or sexual nature.
    • Any form of discrimination, racism or sexism.
    • Any form of post that breaks international law.
    • Any form of post that incites the use of illegal items, this includes drugs, warez and pirated software.
    • Impersonating a staff member, this could be by avatar, signatures or username.
    Members are forbidden to create threads or posts:
    • That attack other users.
    • That contain urls to websites that break the rules.
    • That contain any personal information of other users, this includes addresses, phone numbers etc.
    • That contain any serial keys and cracks, this includes any pirated content.
    • That contain any aggressive behavior.
    • That contain useless content.
    If a Moderator or Admin determines you have broken one of these rules, you will be Warned.
    A Warning may come with 5-20 Warning Points depending on the severity of the offense.
    The Warning Points will remain on your profile for a minimum of three (3) months, and up to indefinitely.
    Impersonating a GlobEx Divisional Staff Member or a Senior Staff Member will come with 50 Warning Points and will remain on your profile indefinitely. This Warning is Non-Appealable.

    You may make one (1) Appeal for any applicable Forum Rules Warning. It will be looked at by a different Administrator or Moderator than the one who gave you the Warning and the decision of the moderator in the appeal is final. Making more appeals after your first will net you a Spamming Appeals Warning which comes with 10 Warning Points and sticks with you for 3 months.

    Reviewed By: @Dingo
    Previous Version: 10 February 2016
    Current Version: 24 May 2016
    New entries are displayed with red text.
    Removed entries are displayed with strikethrough.

    GlobEx Administration reserves the right to change the Forum Rules and Regulations at any time for any reason. It is the responsibility of you, the Member, to keep informed about the Rules and Regulations of the Forums at all times.
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  2. Dingo

    Dingo Operations Manager Staff Member

    Update 24 May 2016
    Modified 'Profanity and Vulgarity' rule
    Added 'Impersonating a Staff Member' rule
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