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    Hello and thanks for registering to GlobEx

    If you are interested in joining our Trucking Division you will need to first fill in an application by clicking here or by going to our main website by clicking here and then clicking on ETS2MP & ATSMP dropdown then you will see Apply Now link.

    There are a couple of things you need to know before applying for the trucking division:
    • You need to be 16+ years old
    • You must have teamspeak & mic
    • Language: Fluent English, other language groups will come soon
    • When applying you will be given the option for what games you wish to join for you can select either ETS2 or ATS or you can select both.
    • Minimum Hours:
      ETS2: 50+ hours
      ATS: 50+ hours
    • Ban history: no serious bans on TruckersMP or Steam within the last 12 months.
    • ETS2 Signup extra requirements: you must own Going East! / Scandinavia & Vive La France DLC's
    • Not with another VTC: we do not allow our members to be apart of another vtc.
    Starting in January 2017 we are splitting the Trucking Division in two zones.

    Each zone will be running two convoys per week; one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
    In total, the Trucking Division will be running four convoys per week.

    New zones/Convoy Times:
    Global Convoys are not run weekly! They are special one-time events designed to allow as many Drivers in the Division to join. They will be run at this time:

    Please also note: when reviewing new driver applications, even though you might meet all of our requirements we have the right to decline anyone, we do this on a application by application basis.

    *** For users that have already applied but was declined / retired / removed ***
    If you wish to reapply to join GlobEx please create a ticket on our support center under the department Account Support, explaining your situation and why you wish to rejoin GlobEx trucking division, and a staff member will review it.

    Here is some nice light reading for you:
    Last updated: 2017.02.27
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    updated added in option for reapply
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    updated: vive la france is now a required DLC
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    updated: EU/NA Zone convoys time updated to 20:00 UTC
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