Real-Time Tracking

Our Lob Logger application has been designed & developed to allow for real-time data to be sent to our servers, using the latest technologies without a bottleneck the website and or you.

Sleek TRUCKnet portal

We have designed our TRUCKnet trucking management portal to be sophisticated and user friendly, you can see all progress for yourself and other drivers for GlobEx.

Top Notch Forums

We have thought big, and we use a very powerful forums system called XenForo, this allows us to adapt many technologies in order to make your experience awesome while at GlobEx.


Live Tracking & Display


Let the tracking begin

Want real-time live tracking? We have it covered, our one of a kind real-time tracking of our drivers, allow for an immersive interaction.

We use the latest technologies to provide up to the second information display, from our purpose built application, which allows us to bring to visitors of our website very nice and powerful data display without the hassle of reloading the site or pesky reload scripts.

TRUCKnet portal



Information at its best

They say that you learn new things well boy were they right, our developers have produced a very detailed trucking management portal also known as TRUCKnet.

Our trucking management portal allows our drivers to log jobs, view jobs, download profiles & more.
We have implemented features that are immerse in information and adaptive when we implement new features, very responsive, mobile friendly our TRUCKnet will make your mouth drop every time you access it.

GlobEx Job Logger



Did someone logging?

Look at that interface, we have developed an application to allow our drivers to submit jobs, on screen data display and so much more.

Our job logger has alot of features crammed into it, we have developed a OBS addon that allows our drivers to add live truck data to their streams & recordings cool huh, we have also added features like, themes / imgur image uploader / languages / specific data types and more.

The only way to find out what our job logger has or infact what GlobEx has to offer you as a driver in our Trucking division is for you to apply to become a GlobEx driver, then you will get access to all of the shown features and so much more.

So what are you waiting for apply today, and let the trucking begin.



Social Media