GlobEx & Haulage64

GlobEx has supported haulage 64 in style    We would like to thank the following GlobEx members for turning out for this convoy supporting it. AussieTruckerAODDampiirDaniteRepomanSkriptzSolarNovaaTackVraxiZebulink You can show your support by visiting the Haulage...

First convoy with the Job Logger

So we had our very first convoy on the that we released GlobEx 2.0, and i would like to say it was a great turnout. We were rolling in the colors of France in support of #PrayForNice We had 9 drivers in total and it was well worth it, below are a couple of screenshots from the nights...

Version 2.0 released

Hello Everybody We are happy to announce the latest release for GlobEx,version 2.0. Whats in this release: New Front end website Update to TRUCKnet GlobEx Job Logger Overall clean up to the system Thanks to everybody that helpd out in testing the Job Logger, it has been a long time...

Haulage 64 - GlobEx Support

Hi There,As you may already be aware, the 2016 Haulage 64 is well under way in its planning and is sure to be a fantastic event, all in aid of helping abused and neglected children in the UK.Haulage 64 is a 64 hour convoy that will start on Friday 5th August 2016 @ 12:00 BST and finish on...

Supporting Canadian Mental Health Week 2016

GlobEx is supportingCanadian Mental Health Week 2016By wearing Lime Green skin on our trucks.You can find out more about this organisation below that we will be sporting the lime green2016.05.14 Saturday Convoy2016.05.15 Sunday ConvoySo show your support....

honk honk, beep beep

Version: 1.0.6is it a bird?, is it a plane?, no its another update!So our devs are progressing onward and upward towards the launch of the GlobEx Job Logger and the new shiny live tracking system for all to see.They are still staring at that pesky squirrel on the road, but hey they are...

GlobEx Rocket League Tournament- Begins

Well we have had a excellent turnout with 8 competitors in total.You can view the current standings of the competitors below. are also recording all matches and will be posting them on YouTube.#lettheracingbegin

GlobEx Job Logger "the Reveal"

So the time has come, after hundreds of hours & a week of beta testing, we can now show you the Offical GlobEx Job Logger.In screenshots , the application its self it not ready but we are getting there.I would like to thank the following people for testing & or working to ensure this...

Job Logger Beta Testing Complete

Well after 8 days for testing, we have officially finished the BETA Program for the GlobEx Job Logger application.We had a few minor glitches along the way but thats what testing is for.Overall it went really well, i would like to thank the following members for testing the...



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