R U OK Special Event


On the 10th September 2016 we embarked on a special convoy in support for R U OK - Australian Mental Health Awareness.

And boy we had yet another awesome turnout from our drivers to this special event,
they were:

  • Boothe92
  • ComanderKing
  • Dingo
  • Dualznz
  • AOD
  • Bimblewolf
  • Energritz
  • Kushty
  • Phindar
  • PulsarForce
  • Shankybeard
  • SolarNovaa
  • Tack
  • Tee
  • WizzardTrucker
  • Zebulink

16 GlobEx drivers, impressive, i would like to thank ComanderKing for organizing this event and to all the drivers who showed up for this cause.

Here are some screenshots from the event.



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