Globex Recap for September 2016


It has been another action-packed month here at Globex, so without further ado here is the recap for September 2016.


Trucking Division

The 2.0 hype train is still in full swing since its release which resulted in the following milestones being achieved in September:-

  • Job number 2500 was logged during September.
  • Milestone of 1 million ATS miles driven was reached.
  • 30 Active drivers who have submitted over 500 jobs this month.
  • New Record Set for most drivers in a convoy – this was reached on the 24/9 convoy with 18 drivers at once.


There has been plenty of friendly competition in September which has resulted in multiple records that have been broken. Congratulations to these drivers, and good luck to those who challenge them in October.

  • ETS Longest Distance
    • Tack – 10,302km
  • ATS Longest Distance
    • SnowMan – 4,211 miles
  • ETS Largest Profit
    • SolarNovaa - €200,483
  • ATS Largest Profit
    • SnowMan - $61,514 [Same Job as ATS Longest Distance]


Special Convoys for September


International Day of Peace Convoy – 10/9/16


R U OK Convoy - 21/9/16


Uncool Truck Convoy – 25/9/16

 Thank you dualznz for the end of convoy screenshots used above.

General News

Staff Additions

  • Comander King has been promoted to Convoy Manager
  • Dismboweled has been promoted to Asst. Convoy Manager
  • Jc Dock has been promoted to Support Staff
  • Tee has been promoted to Media Manager

New Terraria Division

This latest division was formed on the 24th of September and already has 8 rostered members.


Rocket League October Tournament.

The matches for this event have now been finalised and 11 Globex members will be competing over 10 rounds to see who is top dog in the Rocket League arena. Good luck to all those competing when the competition kicks off on the 15th October. Match schedule and results will be available via Challonge






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