Globex Recap for January and February 2017


Welcome back to the first recap of 2017. Although we have only been back from Christmas break for less than a month, there is plenty to cover.


Trucking Division


An important change was implemented for the start of 2017. By allowing Trucking Division members to indicate which preferred zone they would be attending it would mean that more people would be able to attend convoys at a suitable time for them. This saw the creation of a Oceania/Asia convoy node as well as a EU/NA convoy node.

Globex held its first whole division convoy under the new node system on the 11th February.

Finally, some records have been broken since the last recap. Congratulations to the new record holders below, and best wishes to those who challenge them.

  • ETS2MP Longest Job
    • Tack - 16,003km
  • ATSMP Longest Job
    • Wizzard - 6,602 miles
  • ETS2MP Largest Profit
    • Tack - €272,856
  • ATSMP Largest Profit
    • Wizzard - $130,992


New Trophies handed out

Since the Christmas Break, 41 Trucking Division trophies have been awarded.

Special mention and congratulations to the following drivers:- 
- Tack on his Gold Trophy for €10,000,000 earned in ETS2
- Tack on his Gold Trophy for 250,000 km in ETS2
- Wizzard on his Gold Trophy for $5,000,000 earned in ATS


Vive La France DLC Required

From 1st April 2017, Vive La France DLC will be a requirement for all ETS2 drivers within the Trucking Division.


General News


Staff Additions

  • Carsmaniac has been promoted to Fleet Manager (Trucking Division Staff)
  • Tack has been promoted to Convoy Manager (Oceania/Asia) and Farming Division Leader
  • Danite has been promoted to Driver Trainer
  • Amanda has been promoted to Support Staff and Convoy Manager (EU/NA)
  • Weaselton has been promoted to Minecraft Division Leader
  • Skitzzzz has been promoted to Asst. Convoy Manager (EU/NA)
  • Snowman has been promoted to Asst. Employee Manager and Elite Dangerous Division Leader.


New Elite Dangerous Division

This latest division was formed on the 10th January and already has 10 rostered members. More information including the back story will be available soon.


Finally, there are some exciting new additions that are coming this year – Keep an eye out on the forums and our blog for those announcements.



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