GlobEx Christmas Breakup 2018

Well its that time again, damn the year has gone fast. Its been another great year here at GlobEx, i would personally like to thank all the staff team for keeping things going. Officially the last convoy for 2018 is 2018.12.16 we then officially come back on 2019.01.05 to kick start 2019. Some...

Big move coming :D

There is a big move coming our way!Over the next few weeks myself @Krashnz will be porting our text chat system from Slack to Discord.Reason behind this?Simple really, Slack is good and i love slack but the biggest downside is the fact it costs money for the business edition ($6.67USD per...

GlobEx Christmas Break 2017

Another year has almost past and we are still going strong Thank you to all the current staff / previous staff for all their hard work and the effort to keep GlobEx alive and kicking. From 2017.12.17 (last convoy 2017) to 2018.01.06 (first convoy 2018) GlobEx will be officially on...

Globex Recap for January and February 2017

Welcome back to the first recap of 2017. Although we have only been back from Christmas break for less than a month, there is plenty to cover.   Trucking Division   An important change was implemented for the start of 2017. By allowing Trucking Division members to indicate which...

Globex Christmas Break 2016

Christmas is coming early here at GlobEx - yay! From 2016.12.17 to 2017.01.21 GlobEx will be officially on holiday. During this time there will be no requirements from any of the members to RSVP to any events as they won't be put into the system. Of course, if you still feel like having a convoy...

GlobEx Official Translators Needed

Hello fellow GlobEx members Were currently looking for translators who can translate the job logger into their own language.We will support a wide range of languages for the logger and eventually the website.Only apply if you speak a language fluent or native.Dont use google translator as i will...

Globex Recap for September 2016

It has been another action-packed month here at Globex, so without further ado here is the recap for September 2016.   Trucking Division The 2.0 hype train is still in full swing since its release which resulted in the following milestones being achieved in September:- Job number 2500...

R U OK Special Event

On the 10th September 2016 we embarked on a special convoy in support for R U OK - Australian Mental Health Awareness. And boy we had yet another awesome turnout from our drivers to this special event,they...

The 2.0 Hype Train Still In Full Effect

As many of you know for those of you that keep up with our blog, we released 2.0 of GlobEx which gave all of our drivers access to our one-of-a-kind real time tracking system. This was a few weeks ago and we are proud to say the hype train is still in full effect, we are averaging 10 to 16 drivers...

GlobEx Olympic Special

On the 14th August 2016 GlobEx embarked on entering the 2016 Rio Olympics by running a convoy in support of your our drivers favorite country. We ended up with 10 drivers that embarked on this journey they were: DingoZebulinkComander KingMadogiRepomanSkriptzTackEnergritzTeeSolarNovaa Thanks...



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