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Origins of GlobEx The Beginning

Deep Roots

Globex draws its early history from a former ETS2MP Virtual Trucking Company named Southern Freight Company. Southern Freight Company was originally an Australian/New Zealand-based VTC that was open to anyone fluent in English and had a good reputation in the ETS2MP community. As one of the original VTCs, the popular Southern Freight had a prominent presence in the community, and its large memberbase could be found driving the roads of Europe at all times of the day.
As time grew on, however, Southern Freight's membership dwindled when the founder was not often present, and the most-active members discussed starting a new community from the ground up.
Thus, GlobEx was conceived.

Think Trunk

Those active members - Dualznz, Krashnz, AussieTrucker and Dingo - formed the basic layout of what would become GlobEx over the next few months.
Hundreds of hours of Web Development, Server Backend Setup, and various other behind-the-scenes activities were put into the structure of the community in these months. Key features of the VTC were developed during this time. The TRUCKnet is a state-of-the-art Driver Management System,where members can log their online jobs, and track statistics all the way back to the launch of GlobEx.

Wide Branches

Development of GlobEx progressed rapidly, and even before launch gained several members of the TruckersMP community.
One of the original ideas behind GlobEx was to incorporate more games than just Euro Truck Simulator 2 and eventually American Truck Simulator. Rocket League, Kerbal Space Program, and Farming Simulator 15, among others, are what became the multiple Divisions within the Community; specialized micro-communities that cater to specific games and series.
Members can be a part of as many or as few Divisions as they prefer.

Broad Leaves

A Community is nothing without its members. A GlobEx continues to grow, our legacy will become richer. We're proud to already have a thriving community with active members in all Divisions, and we see a phenomenally bright future in store. Can you see yourself as a part of that phenomenal future? Join our friendly community gamers of every age and skill, today!

Weekly Events

As of the 21st of January 2017 we have expanded our Trucking Division convoys.

Each zone will be running two convoys per week; one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
In total, the Trucking Division will be running four convoys per week.

Global Convoys are not run weekly! They are special one-time events designed to allow as many Drivers in the Division to join. They will be run at this time:

Other Divisions

At GlobEx we are not just limited to Eurotruck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator, we also have many other divisions.
Not every game has a Division; many members share games and play them together anyway.

Some of our other divisions include:

  • Rocket League
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Project Cars
  • Farming Simulator 17 (coming back in early 2018)

Some of our social divisions include:

  • Space Engineers
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite - Battle Royale
  • Miscreated
  • Life is Feudal
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Spintires
  • Construction Simulator 2015

Feel free to ask and find out who you share some games with and have some fun!



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